Not a huge fragrance person? How about just smelling… Clean?


I don’t wear much perfume. I’m just not that kinda gal. If I do wear perfume, (and it’s not even really considered perfume) I will put some Jasmine-Vanilla on, and I’m good to go. I have allergies – a sensitive nose – and too much of anything, will make me sneeze all day.

So I was flipping through InStyle Magazine today, and came across this new product, CLEAN. It says “Just want to smell good? Try the freshest CLEAN scents ever created.” And I have to say – I’m intrigued.

CLEAN Perfume was launched by Fusion Brands Inc. in April 2003. Randi Shinder, the founder, desired a fragrance that was reminiscent of pure soap, that universal fresh out of the shower scent. Unable to find such a fragrance, she developed her own.

After wearing her own creation, CLEAN captured the attention of friends and family and she knew she had something she could not keep to herself. She created CLEAN and CLEAN Sweet Layer, and the phenomenon continues…

CLEAN is an exclusive fragrance for the simple side of a complicated life. The uniquely fresh smelling scents inspired by soap are formulated in small quantities thus ensuring all ingredients are fresh, pure and of the highest quality. The CLEAN woman or man wouldn’t have it any other way!

The celebrities love it:

Jamie-Lynn DiScala, The Sopranos: “CLEAN is the only perfume that makes me smell like I have just showered with my favorite soap. When I started wearing CLEAN, people started asking me for the name of my perfume. It just smells so good!”

Taryn Manning, Crazy/Beautiful, 8-Mile: “Clean is my new favorite perfume. I love Clean Sweet Layer. It smells so fresh. I don’t feel like I smell perfumed when I wear it. I just smell good and I love that!”

Gabrielle Union, Bring It On, Love and Basketball: “Wow, Finally a perfume that’s really fresh and clean! I love it!”

And it’s gotten a ton of press!


Get your own CLEAN perfume… I think I’m going to go buy it now. 


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